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  • Here’s a picture of a piece of jewelry a friend of mine pulled out of a girl’s navel recently. And another. This is much less rare than you think, trust me! Reason enough to make sure your piercer is using ASTM F-138 or F-136 compliant, QUALITY jewelry? I hope so. If you ask them about it and they don’t know what that means, you should leave the shop. Unfortunately, that’s pretty hard to find in this city. I know of exactly 4 shops, one of them being PURE. Don’t go taking your chances! If someone tells you they are using SURGICAL STEEL, that means NOTHING! That could be the quality of a pair of tweezers used to remove a splinter in the ER. Hell, it could even be tableware. ASTM approved jewelry means it is safe for IMPLANT use, and that is the only thing people should be putting in their bodies.

    Here’s the video of the branding I did on that XM radio show I did a few weeks ago. Trust me… it does NOT hurt that badly.

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